Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

Mandriva Linux 2010 Free

Your data are safe with Mandriva Linux.
  • Personal firewall.Configure easily your personal firewall makes you and your computer safer from intrusions.
  • Parental control.Protecting your children as well as letting them benefit from the Internet is a snap with Mandriva drakguard tool.
  • Virus? Spywares? Not any.No need to use an anti-virus software with Mandriva Linux; use 100% of your computer processing power, just for what you need.
  • Stable.Mandriva selects the best breed of Open Source software. No need to reboot on every update or software installation.
  • Up to date.With automatic updates, your system gets the latest fixes and protects itself against bugs.
  • Backups.Using draksnapshot or Mandriva Click’n Backup keeps your data safe and sound.

Customize your environment as you like.
  • YOU have choice.Modular, customizable, efficient, with or without animation effects, design your own desktop environment.
  • Cute & accessible.Mandriva Linux gives you three new graphical themes. Choose yours!
  • Talar du svenska?Mandriva Linux is available in more than 70 languages, thanks to many translators in the Community.
  • More than 20,000 software packages.Mandriva Linux is able to cover most of computer uses: domestic, education, professional, for workstations as well as server, for office use, software development or games.

  • Open formats.Your document file formats (office files, videos, sound, pictures, etc.) are open, documented and patent-free. Your data are safe from becoming unreadable or obsolete.
  • Improve.You want to bring your ideas and suggestions about our operating system?
    Come and discuss with other users, contributors and developers in the forums, mailing-lists or idea box.
  • Contribute. You're a writer, a designer, a graphist, a developer, a tester, a translator and want to help?

    Join us, it's easy!
  • Free Software.Mandriva Linux is almost entirely build of free software pieces (as in free speech). This guarantees durability, quality and evolutivity to your environment and data.
  • Free to choose...your environment, your prefered apps, and free to modify them to your liking and to share them.
1. Download
Download Mandriva Linux 2010 Free (32-bit):

Download Mandriva Linux 2010 Free (64-bit):

Download Mandriva Linux 2010 Free from this blog.
It may take up from a few minutes to a few hours to complete, depending on your connection speed.
Thanks for your patience… it will be worth the wait!

2. Burn
This is a DVD/CD. Burn it to a disc with your favorite disc ISO burner.
You may check the downloaded file integrity first: md5, sha1 (see why & how).

3. Boot on DVD, install, enjoy!
Load the disc into your computer and boot the system. Install and you are set.
We hope you will enjoy Mandriva Linux as much as we do!

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