Sabtu, 22 Oktober 2011

BackTrack 4 R2 Release ISO (Hacker Tools)

BackTrack is a very popular LiveDistro among observers ofsecurity, the focus provides a tool for testing the system andnetwork penetration. It has a diagnostic feature to analyze anddirect path from the CD without disturbing the embedded system.BackTrack distribution originated from the collaboration of twomajor security Whax and Auditor Security Collection combines the advantages of the two distributions into one complete solutionExcellence BackTrack 4 R2 Release.

Excellence backtrack:
Can run Windows Executable
It has a myriad of tools for hackers, Wifi Hack and etc.
Very Efficient
With a backtrack, you can be considered as a 'hacker'
The most popular and recognized Linux distribution security.BackTrack is a Linux-based penetration testing of weapons thathelp security professionals in the ability to conduct environmentalassessments in the original pure dedicated to hacking.Regardless if you make your primary operating system BackTrack,tau using your favorite thumbdrive, BackTrack has been adjustedto each packet, kernel configuration, scripts and patch solely for the purpose of penetration tester

BackTrack landscape evolution many years of development,penetration testing, and to help unprecedented from the security community. BackTrack originally started with the previous versioncalled Linux distributions Whoppix life, IWHAX, and Auditor. WhenBackTrack is developed, it is designed to be all in one live cd be used on safety audit and are specifically made to not leaveremnants of itself on the laptop. He has expanded into aframework that penetration testing is the most widely adopted andused by the security community worldwide.


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